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Welcome to Do It Yourself Modding

Try to avoid order on other currency !!! pay-pal charge a lot to convert your money !!! On the header of the site page you will find the currency option:

$ euro and LEI for Romania orders.


After the 1 order ; reviewing our items on PC modding-sites can get you discounts (from 10% to 20%)  on to the future orders.

accepted are following sites:

if you intend to post on other sites please ask first at



coupon codes rules  :

1-customer must have one valid account

2-customer must be Login

3-minimum order 30 $

4-up 130$ free shipping

5-PC- components, tools,Ekwb can not be discounted.



Delivery time 4-12 days, upon Geo-Zone ,

orders will be shipped in maxim 24 hours from processing, until Romanian border it takes 2 days, from here, delivery time depend on your local post dealer from your land / Geo-Zone.

2 SELF PICK-UP SERVICE ADDED FOR SOME COUNTRY IN EUROPE- Delivery time 1-4 days, upon land/city .

parcels will be lead in your city (service only for Europe ) by Atlassib comp.(check the list before order to see iour nearest city), parcels will be self-picked up by client !


see Delivery Information section ; or check your basket at  "Estimate Shipping & Taxes"

free shipping up $130 order;for this use the coupon code 3333.

(user must have account and to be login)

Any other questions mail us to we speak:

English, French, German, Romanian

Comenzi pentru Romania prin Fan-Curier-ramburs

Only for intermediate or pro's

If you intend to be sponsored from our shop mail us please to , send please at least one/more link to your open/finished Worklog Projects .