Sleeve 3mm BLACK - 1m

Sleeve 3mm  BLACK - 1m
Sleeve 3mm  BLACK - 1m Sleeve 3mm  BLACK - 1m
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Expandable Sleeve 4mm (before stretch)  (FR-003)  -


-Available diameters 4mm, 6mm, 8mm




-DIAM: 4mm - 6mm-8mm

-TEMPERATURE RANGE -50 degree Celsius

-MELT POINT 250_+/-10 degree Celsius



-ROHS, UL, CSA, Halogen Free

Customizing the look of your data and power cables offers an exciting opportunity to further enhance the look of your PC. ’Sleeving’ means covering a cable with a braided material that will provide better protection and give it an impeccable look.

Sleeving is only for those who want PERFECTION; because of the high density material, the original insipid cables WILL NO LONGER BE VISIBLE! (You can even cover black cables with white sleeving). Masking wirings with adhesive tape is a thing of the past!


To estimate how much sleeve you will need, we suggest the following:

  1. Figure out exactly how many components/ cables will be sleeved:

ATX [24 pins]-power supply, recommended sleeve 4mm thick/0.15 inch thick

PCI-E [6/ 8 pins]-vga cards N-VIDIA 6 Pin & AMD 8pins, recommended sleeve 4mm thick/0.15 inch thick

CPU [4/8 pins], recomended sleeve 4mm thick/0.15 inch thick

SATA Power, recomended sleeve 4mm thick/0.15 inch thick

SATA Data Transfer, only sleeve 8 mm thick/0.31 inch thick

MOLEX for fan/ controller/ cables, front-panel USB 2.0(3.0)/Audio/ power/ power LED/ HDD LED etc. recomended sleeve 6 mm thick /0.23 inch thick

  1. Determine the optimal ’route’ to arrange the cables inside the case; shorten or lengthen cables as required (for professional tools that shorten or lengthen cables, as well as connectors and other accessories.
  2. Choose your desired colour scheme. Mixed colour sleeve is also available.
  3. Measure the length for each section and sum up the total.


  • For a power supply unit (PSU), you will need approx. 35-40m of 4mm sleeve (depending on the PSU/case size and your personal dexterity). All lenght are for uni –sleeve (cables one by one)
  • If you want to use heatstrink tubing, purchase about 10-15% of the total length of the required sleeve (again, depending on your skill; for beginners we recommended 15%, so that means about 6m [20 feet] of tubing for a PSU).
  • You can choose Heatshrink-tubes by meter or Pre-cut
  • For 4mm /0.15 inch and 6mm/0.23 inch;  sleeve use = Heatshrink 6 mm thick /0.23 inch thick !!!
  • For 8mm /0.31 inch;  sleeve use = Heatshrink 12 mm thick /0.47 inch thick !!!

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