NEW EDITION DIY crimp tool for terminals connectors  ATX-12 PIN, VGA-6 PIN, CPU-8 PIN, Power molex, Dupont-USB, 2510-fan/led ; tool can crimp all kind of PC terminals

( the package contain 20 ATX female terminals and 20 ATX male terminals).


This tool is specially design  for pro' users who want best  results in crimping.

The jaws are derived from the classical A Class - SN-28B which  bite too hard on PVC-wire mantel, now the problem is solved !

Logo & Product batch number engraved on each item - 2 Years Warranty extended

IMPORTANT NOTE : Please use the recommended wire (18 AWG Outer diameter PVC-insulation 1,8-2,2 mm), and good quality terminals (5557 long wings) to achieve best results ! If the PVC wire is crushed then the outer diameter of the PVC insulation is to high.

It is very important to have good crimped terminals for Heatshrink-less sleeved cables.


The crimp tutorial is here : (Thanks to marius_mym)

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crimp tool-NEW EDITION

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