Panasonic Slim Internal Blu-ray Burner SATA (Slot Load) Drive


Panasonic UJ-265, 6X SATA 12.7mm, Slot in BD Writer
SATA interface, 12.7mm,slot in
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Type: Internal Blu-ray Drive
Interface: Slimline SATA
Loading Method: Slot Load
Weight: 0.5 lbs
12.7mm (H) x 128mm (W) x 129mm (D)

minipower sata required !
Panasonic UJ-265, 6X SATA 12.7mm, Slot in BD Writer 

Main features:

  • 6x Speed on BD-R 25GB and 50GB media
  • 4x Speed on all BD-R XL media
  • Backwards compatibility with all the most popular DVD and CD media formats, including DVD-RAM discs

With the power of a Blu-ray burner comes the next generation of data storage technology. Able to burn:

  • 25GB on a single layer Blu-ray disc
  • 50GB on a double layer Blu-ray disc
  • 100GB on a triple layer Blu-ray disc
  • 128GB on a quad layer Blu-ray disc

The Panasonic UJ-265 12.7mm internal Blu-ray drive has created a future for high density and secure computer and data storage including backup, high definition movies, photos and anything else you can imagine.

Panasonic UJ-265A is a Slim Blu-ray Super Multi Burner for secure storage of computer data, authoring and backup of HD movies, video, audio/music, photos and large digital files.This slim Blu ray writer is best for case modding to read and write single and dual layer Blu ray, DVD and CD media. It utilizes a slot-load drive mechanism which means no external moving parts.UJ-265A uses Slimline SATA, the connection type for the latest generation of Bluray writers. Slimline SATA is a faster data connection and is the standard for 12.7mm optical drives on Mac notebooks and Windows laptops.

Note: Blu-ray movie playback is not yet supported on Mac OS X computers.

blu ray - slot load

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